Why foster?

More and more animals are being put on kill lists at your local shelters. Fostering a dog or cat allows Priceless Pets to rescue as many dogs and cats as possible. We have limited kennel space, and being a foster parent to a Priceless Pets’ dog or cat allows us to save more dogs and cats than we can physically hold in our facility.

Contact us at priceless.pets@yahoo.com for more information on how you can become a foster.


  • It is important for us to make sure a foster animal will be compatible with your home.
  • Thank you for your interest in becoming a Foster Care Provider! When you become a Foster Care Provider, you are allowing Priceless Pet Rescue to rescue more puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats than our facility can physically hold. By becoming a Foster Care Provider, you are providing a life- saving service, therefore making a difference in our community.

    Being a Foster Care Provider is both a challenging and rewarding service. Priceless Pet Rescue will provide you with the necessary information and support needed. The following are the basic policies and procedures you will be required to follow:

    • Fosters are responsible for the general care of the dog(s), puppy(ies), cat(s) or kitten(s) in their home. This includes, but is not limited to, food, water, medications (when needed), grooming, exercise, play time, and a safe environment.
    • Fosters agree to keep their personal pets’ vaccinations current. Fosters may be asked to provide vaccination records to the Foster Manager.
    • Fosters need to contact the Foster Manager if dog(s), pupp(ies), cat(s), or kitten(s) become ill or injured. AUTHORIZATION FOR VET CARE NEEDS TO BE DONE BY THE FOSTER MANAGER PRIOR TO ANY APPOINTMENT OR PROCEDURE. Payment for vet care that is done without authorization will be the responsibility of the foster.
    • Fosters can participate in the adoption process by bringing the dog(s), puppy(ies), cat(s), or kittens(s) to our adoption events. Priceless Pet Rescue holds its adoption event every Saturday, either at The Orphanage or other mobile sites.
    • Fosters should notify the Foster Manager as soon as possible if they are not available to attend an adoption event due to illness of the dog(s), puppy(ies), cat(s) or kitten(s), or personal reasons beyond their control. If another family member can provide transportation to and from the adoption event, this would be preferable to not attending at all. If the Foster Manager does not hear from the foster, it is expected that the dog(s), puppy(ies), cat(s), or kitten(s) will be at the adoption event.
    • Fosters MAY NOT transfer any dog(s), puppy(ies), cat(s), or kitten(s) to any other person unless authorized PRIOR to the transfer.
    • Fosters MAY NOT  promise any dog(s), puppy(ies), cat(s), or kitten(s) in the program to any potential adopter. It is required that an interested person(s) meet the dog(s), puppy(ies), cat(s), kitten(s) at the adoption event where an application will be taken, as well as a brief interview. The adoption application will be reviewed by the Adoption Manager and, if approved, the adoption process will proceed.
    • Only a Priceless Pet Rescue Director may authorize the intake of dog(s), puppy(ies), cat(s), or kitten(s) from the public or shelter.
    • Priceless Pet Rescue will provide veterinary care for dog(s), puppy(s), cat(s), or kitten(s) being fostered.
    • If circumstances develop whereby the foster is unable to give the best care possible for the dog(s), puppy(ies), cat(s), or kitten(s), the foster may surrender the dog(s), puppy(ies), cat(s), or kitten(s) back to Priceless Pet Rescue. However, the foster must allow the time and flexibility for Priceless Pet Rescue to find another foster home. 
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