We hope that within our communities we can help to lower the “community cat” population in the months and years to come and appreciate your support. At this time we are currently overloaded with requests and are unable to accept every cat/kitten in need of placement.

It’s very important to remember that stray cats do follow the same rules as stray dogs and may have an owner. If an individual were to lose his/her pet, they would not come to our organization, as many people do not even know we exist. The individual would most likely go to the INLAND VALLEY HUMANE SOCIETY in search of their lost pet. We cannot accept pets that the owners might be looking for, it is against city regulations.

A community cat that you or your neighbors have been feeding is a different situation. Your kindness that you or your neighbors might have shown to be willing to offer food, water and/or shelter for pets and assist in the search to find them a local no-kill shelter or to find them homes is Priceless. If you don’t mind them living in your yard and would like to continue to feed them, we ask kindly to make sure to get them spayed or neutered so they can lead happy healthy lives outdoors without the burden of kittens. If it’s your neighbors that are feeding them, please talk to them nicely or even offer to help them. Sometimes we know there are sick or elderly individuals that love feeding the community cats, but can not afford to or have the resources (like driving or trapping) to have these cats altered, perhaps all they needed was a little help.

We wish we didn’t ever have to say no. We are planning on having future programs for our community to have their outdoor cats spayed or neutered to assist in over population within our city. Please watch our FB page for more details on these events, however at this time we do not have a date set. Follow us at https://www.facebook.com/PricelessPetRescue. Below are some options and recommendations to help community cats in need:

Outdoor friendly cats: Contact the Inland Valley Humane Society regarding having “outdoor cats” spayed/neutered. They provide monthly clinics to have cats altered, vaccinated and microchipped at no charge to prevent overpopulation. http://www.ivhsspca.org/index.php/animal-care/spayorneuter . Remember, finding placement for kittens is only a temporary solution.

Outdoor feral cats: Consider low cost spay and neuter clinics to reduce overpopulation. Ontario Spay & Neuter clinic is just one of many Spay/Neuter Clinics that offer a reduced price for feral cats brought in humane traps with appointments available 7 days a week. Visit http://ontariospayandneuter.com/?page_id=35 for more information. They can also assist with up to date resources for financial assistance and offer reduced pricing for income qualified individuals regardless of their current residence. (proof of income is required).

If your personal kitty has accidentally become pregnant (we all make mistakes), we ask that you have your pet altered first. Then you may resubmit your request for assistance with appropriate pictures, ages and information along with proof of mother’s spay certificate and negative FeLV/FIV test to priceless.pets@yahoo.com. All cats/kittens must be in good health & friendly. You may choose to keep the mother (which is encouraged) but she must be spayed and tested negative prior to consideration of assistance for her kittens. We recommend that if your outdoor kitty has become pregnant or had a litter of kittens, it is safest for all concerned to provide her with safe shelter, preferably a spare bathroom, with food water and litter until her kittens are 6-8 weeks and eating on their own. Infant kittens need their mothers milk’s antibodies for protection of disease. While bottle feeding kittens is often possible, it should always be the last resort to keep kittens healthy.

We appreciate your assistance with helping the community cats in our area and hope that if you do decide to find placement for the kittens that find their way into your yard that you make sure they are spayed or neutered before they go to their new homes.

Do you want to learn more about being a foster for unwanted kittens? Please complete a Foster application. Foster parents allow us to provide temporary homes to those stranded at high risk shelters until they are ready to be altered and adopted. Many shelters experience an incredibly high euthanasia rate for cats & kittens, fostering saves lives.

Thank you again for wanting to help our community cats and share the education about them with others.