“I found this dog, why can’t I bring it to you?”

This is a question we are asked daily, and unfortunately we have a negative response when we tell the individual that we cannot take the dog. Priceless Pet Rescue/The Orphanage is UNABLE to take stray dogs/cats at this time. If an individual were to lose his/her pet, they would not come to our organization, as many people do not even know we exist. The individual would most likely go to the INLAND VALLEY HUMANE SOCIETY in search of their lost pet. We cannot accept pets that the owners might be looking for, it is against city regulations.

What should you do?

First, scan the dog for a microchip. ANY vet will do this for free.

Second, contact the INLAND VALLEY HUMANE SOCIETY and send them a picture, as well as a description of where the pet was lost/found. Additionally, email priceless.pets@yahoo.com so we can post it to the CHINO VALLEY MISSING PETS FACEBOOK.

Third, post flyers in your neighborhood.

Fourth, KEEP the dog if you can, and continue to market that you have found a dog/cat.

Fifth, if/when you reunite the owners with the animal, tell them Priceless Pet Rescue would be HAPPY to microchip the dog at a reduced cost, as MICROCHIPS save LIVES!

If you cannot keep the animal due to space/aggression/time or any reason, please take them DIRECTLY to Inland Valley Humane Society. Also, if you can, email us information regarding who you spoke with, when you dropped the dog/cat off, as well as any other helpful information. We will follow up on ALL animals that were found in CHINO HILLS and make sure we do everything we can to save the animal.