Chino Hills, CA – December 12, 2017:  For Priceless Pets, 2017 brought over 2,500 vet visits, 8,000 bowls of food, 10,000 walks, thousands of volunteer hours spent loving on sick and abandoned pets, and a million smiles.  Through these tireless efforts, it also brought a 30% increase to adoption totals, making sure that over 1,822 additional animals are alive today.  Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the amazing community that they call home, this rapid growing rescue is proud to boast it’s highest adoption rate to-date.


Not only does Priceless Pets rehome unwanted or abused animals, they are also deeply rooted in the community that they serve.  In 2017, some of the free events they have organized to give back are:

  • Micro-chipping clinics – a free service to help reconnect lost pets with their families
  • Kids and Kittens reading program – encouraging early-start reading programs
  • Pet Mania Summer Camp – an educational summer program for children
  • Sunday Family Hikes – a free community event encouraging pet socialization
  • Community service hours for kids – giving students a positive environment to teach giving back
  • Girl and Boy Scout educational programs
  • Senior Bingo – community outreach to show our seniors that we care!
  • No-Kill Chino Hills – working with city leaders to ensure no Chino Hills stray pets are euthanized
  • Pack Walk – bringing the community together to promote a healthy lifestyle for you and your pet


The team at Priceless Pets has high hopes of saving an additional 2,300 animals in 2018, increasing their adoption rate by another 25%.  Co-Director Mandy Stover says, “We are so blessed to call Chino Hills our home.  We have felt supported from day 1, and we know that together we can achieve anything we set our minds to!”


With zero government funding, the leadership team at Priceless Pets is constantly fighting an uphill battle to ensure that the life saving continues.  “There is a huge stigma around rescue that people are making money off these dogs and cats.  But the fact of the matter is that our typical adoption donation of $150 doesn’t even cover half of what we spend to save that animal,” says rescue director Lisa Price.


At an average cost of $350 per pet saved, the overwhelming financial burden requires constant fundraising efforts and creates a huge need for community support.   The relentless efforts made to keep the doors open makes their skyrocketing adoption rates even more impressive.  Mrs. Price continues, “Without the tremendous outpouring of support that we receive from our amazing donors, we simply would not be able to afford to save lives.”


If you’re interested in helping this amazing organization continue their mission of “Saving one by one until there are none”, here are a few ways that you can help!