Our interactive day camp will teach your kids about all kinds of animals, responsible pet ownership, and a fun-filled week to keep them entertained during summer break! Our camp includes arts and crafts, projects, and tons of hands-on animal experience, presenters, and more while promoting the future of animal lovers.
Registration is live! We expect a large turnout as our camps have been full in the years prior, so we encourage you to sign up as soon as registration is live to save your child’s space!

Summer 2024 Camp Schedule

Registration is open!

June 3rd – June 7th Farm Animals
June 10th – June 14th Aquatics/Exotics
June 17th – June 21st Reptiles
June 24th – June 28th Special Needs
July 8th – July 12th Farm Animals
July 15th – July 19th Aquatics/Exotics
July 22nd – July 26th Reptiles
July 29th – August 2nd Special Needs


Farm animals week will focus on animals you would see on a farm! Donkeys, cows, goats, rabbits and more. Your kids will learn all about the needs of these animals and how to properly care for farm animals. They will get hands-on experience, crafts, activities and more. This week will have an educational presentation for your kids as well.


This week is teaching us all about animals you will find under the sea! Sharks, starfish, jellyfish, sea urchins and more. Your kids will learn about the needs of these animals and how to interact with these animals. This is a hands-on unique experience where your child can see and touch animals that live in the water.


This week is completely focused on animals such as snakes, lizards, chameleons and more! This is great for kids who love learning about all different species, what they eat, and how to interact with them. There will be crafts, activities, and more for your kids to do while learning all about slithery friends.


This week is all about animals helping people and people helping animals with a special need. There will be wheelchair pets, animals who are blind, and more. Special needs animals will be there to show off just how awesome they are even when you have a need that may be different from others! There will be a special presenter that comes to talk to the kids about how animals are used for people with special needs and how humans depend on dogs for comfort when they have a disability. While we wish we could accommodate humans at this time with special needs, this is just for animals who have special needs.