The Priceless Pets Ranch journey has been many years in the making. As many of you know, our PetMania Summer Camp has been a community favorite for more than the last ten years. We’ve been blessed to work arm-in-arm with multiple cities to team up and educate the next generation of animal lovers. With the growth of this educational program, it only made sense to branch out and create a space of our own. So in Summer of 2022, the Priceless Pets Ranch location was born. We now have a family and community-friendly space to host our Educational Camps, private events, field trips, and more. We are so blessed that we’ve been able to open our barn doors to a little herd of miniature animals in the form of pigs, cows, horses, donkeys, and even some turtles, which fills our hearts with so much joy!

At this time, we are only open for private tours or for special events (stay tuned to our Instagram for more info at

We are open to the public the first Saturday of every month for farmer’s markets where we enjoy supporting small/family owned businesses in our community. Join us in picking fresh produce, grab some homemade treats, and even shop hand-made goods!

Stay tuned because this is just the beginning of our big little Ranch.

may, 2024

How can you help?

Your donations will go directly towards the care for the farm animals, and furthering our mission of education, and advocating for all animals but specifically our ranch animals. Your donations will also go towards our capital funding campaign of building a learning center on the property that can house children, tours, groups and events in the years to come.

We love to have visitors at our Ranch!
Interested in a birthday party, field trip or any other type of event? Email us!

Booking a party is a fun way to support our small non-profit ranch. 100% of the proceeds go towards our mission of animal education, animal caretaking, and ranch maintenance. With an in-house event coordinator, we make planning your next event hassle free!

Visiting & Volunteering at the Ranch

Interested in hosting an event, finding out more about our Ranch and Learning center, or visiting with a group? Send us an email! We are also allowing some approved volunteers with animal handling experience. If you are interested in volunteering, please email us by clicking the button below and someone will be in contact with you to discuss volunteer opportunities.


Ready to meet the animals you’ll find on our ranch? Keep scrolling to see all of our new friends!


They call me Malcom McDowell, The Cow! I am the star of the show truly. They tell me I have the funniest MOOOO and when I see food, I come running. I was rescued from a farm that was breeding my mom. They decided they couldn’t sell me at auction and then I landed myself at Priceless Pets!


I came to Priceless Pets to be best friends with Malcom and that is just what we are. We spend our days hanging in the sun, grazing all day, and chasing around our dog friends when we get bored. We love to play with those goofballs!


I am a Nigerian Dwarf goat and I was found as a baby! The person who had me could no longer care for me, so I came to Priceless Pets. I have the funniest personality and my hobbies include jumping on the little goat swing!


I am a Nigerian Dwarf goat like Leonard and we came from the same place! I am a little more reserved than him and love to let him steal the show. I love going out to pasture with the cows and the donkeys! I think it is so fun to run all around with the dogs too. Animal friends are my favorite.


I am Miss Piggy! I just had baby piglets when I got to Priceless Pets. My family was using me for a petting zoo and decided they no longer wanted me since I was pregnant. I heard them calling Priceless Pets, and I am so happy they did! I love it here. I get to hang out, feed my babies, roll around in the mud and be a pig. It is great!


I am Shelly and I was brought to the Priceless Pets Ranch when my family was moving and couldn’t take me with them. I am a great girl who loves other people and I am so outgoing and friendly.


I am one of the newest residents. I was surrendered to the Inland Valley Humane Society when my family could no longer care for me for unknown reasons and landed myself at Priceless Pets! I am still getting acclimated but I love to do turtle things, like hide in my shell and snack on lettuce!


I am such a sweet girl! My white hair flows in the wind, and I love nose scratches! I am a retired show horse, and I am 17 years young! I was really stunning in my day, and had to make sure I was in tip top shape at all times. Nowadays, I just spend my days hanging out, munching on snacks, and getting all the nose scratches the visitors have to offer!


They tell me I am such a spunky fun little guy, and I have to agree. I am a little firecracker who is so playful. I am also a retired show horse! I also get to see the little humans I love so much so being here is a win, win!


I was rescued from a donkey farm when the owner had to get rid of me. I am such a sweet girl and you can find me nessling my nose up to you to see if you brought me any treats.


The people here say that I give everyone a run for their money with my stubbornness. If there is something I don’t want to do, I just won’t budge! I am a chill laid back guy, and I let my sister Delilah steal all the attention. We call her an attention hog around here.


I came to Priceless Pets with my brother Shadraq when my mom got a new boyfriend and she decided she could no longer care for us because we have a lot of hair. We hit the lottery, we love our jobs! However, I am an older girl, so I am slowing down a little. That doesn’t stop me from getting my morning run with the cows in though!


I was surrendered to Priceless Pets when my family could no longer care for me. The owner said I needed a ranch to run around, and that is just what I got. I take my job of guarding the livestock very seriously and I am the sweetest boy! I will be the one running over to meet you when you come and visit.


I am a pocket Pyrenees, well that is what they call me here! I was surrendered to Priceless Pets when I was found running as a stray in the streets of San Bernardino. I was held, and taken to the shelter for my stray hold, and no one came for me. I landed myself the best new home ever!


Let us tell you how crazy our story is! We were loaded up into a car as baby chickens, and were dropped off at Cane’s chicken, the RESTAURANT! Can you believe that? Many of you might think it is ironic we landed there but seeing as how they eat our kind, we didn’t think it was funny, we were terrified. Luckily a really cool person from Priceless Pets came and got us and brought us to this farm! We have been here for a few months and we love it. We are a lot bigger of course than when we came, and we are still getting used to humans but we are so thankful for our life ahead.

Gratitude rooted deep!

A heartfelt thank you to California ReLeaf and grant sponsor, Edison International, for the incredible California Arbor Week Grant award. They’ve generously bestowed $3,000, allowing us to plant a forest of dreams on our farm.⁠ 

Priceless Pet Rescue recognizes and thanks Southern California Edison for its generous sponsorship of California ReLeaf‘s California Arbor Week Grant Program, which made planting these trees possible and provides shade to our animals.

We also want to thank and recognize CAL FIRE and the USDA Forest Service, who support urban and community tree-planting efforts all over California through funding, education, and other resources.