Surrendering A Pet

Sometimes, individuals find it necessary to surrender their pets due to unexpected life changes or unforeseen circumstances. We understand that this is a difficult decision to make, and we can do our best to help your pet find a new home. Pet admissions are accepted by appointment only and you must fill out an owner surrender request below. If you have adopted a pet from us and need to return, please follow the instructions below. 

Process & Policies

Dogs: The admissions process will take 30 minutes. Our Intake Team performs a behavior assessment on every dog to determine their temperament. If the dog being surrendered fails our temperament assessment, we will not be able to admit them into our care and will provide you with alternate suggestions. The space for dog admissions will depend upon the health of animals at our adoption centers, space, and foster availability.

Cats: The admissions process will take 30 minutes. Please bring your cat in a carrier. We do not accept surrenders of kittens or cats in feral cat traps. The space for cat admissions will depend upon the health of animals at our adoption centers, space, and foster availability.

Fees: We are a private nonprofit organization that receives no city, state or federal funding. We rely on donations alone to care for pets while they are in our care. On average, the cost to us for a pet in our facility is $25 per day. Admission Fees help us to offset the cost of your pet, or a pet you have found coming into our adoption center.

The surrender donation, if accepted, is a minimum of $250 depending on the medical conditions, overall health and age of the pet. The payment must be made via cash or card at the time of surrender, no checks will be accepted. If there is a reason the fee cannot be paid, that will be discussed in person at the time of evaluation and admittance or can be outlined on your surrender application. 

Returning a pet adopted through Priceless Pets

If you haven’t already, we recommend that you first take a look at our recommended trainers! A lot of reasons why a pet is being returned in due to behavior that can be corrected with the assistance of a trainer. Many of the trainers we work with have payment plans, and are very affordable to help keep pets in their forever homes. If you need assistance with trainng, please email us at and we will do our best to assist you to keep the pet in your home! 

We take all our animals back within 30 days with no surrender fee if you feel that the animal you adopted from Priceless Pets is not a match for your lifestyle, or home. If it has been more than 30 days since you last adopted, please fill out an owner surrender form on our website and someone from our intake team will get back to you within 72 hours! If there is a financial circumstance as to why you cannot afford the surrender fee, that will be discussed at the time of intake and/or can be explained on your surrender application.


What is Admissions by Appointment?
Our goal is to end needless euthanasia and save the lives of as many pets as we can. Admissions by Appointment will also give us the opportunity to provide additional helpful resources to individuals who desperately want to keep their pet but may be struggling.  Our goal is to keep as many animals in their homes as possible.
Why is there an intake appointment?
Intake by appointments will help us better treat our customers with compassion, transparency and respect, and ensure that we are providing each pet that comes through our doors with a healthy and loving environment that offers them their best chance for success. This process helps us save lives by only taking the number of pets that we can properly and humanely serve given our available resources. If our resources are stretched too thin, we may not have the ability to assist your pet in finding the perfect forever home. This can increase that dog’s length of stay, which in turn increases the likelihood that it will become ill or behaviorally unsound.  Additionally, studies from UC Davis have shown that the longer a healthy dog or cat stays in a shelter environment, the higher the chances they become infected with a disease.
Can I bring my unwanted pet in during normal hours?
No, intakes are done on an appointment-only basis. You must first fill out an intake form and then wait for a response back from our team with a date and time that works for our intake team. The turn-around time for all owner surrender responses is 48 hours.
What if I adopted the pet from Priceless Pets?

If the pet was recently adopted from our facility (within 30 days), we will waive the surrender/return fee to make sure the pet comes back into our facility rather than a local shelter or other unknown circumstance. Per our adoption policy, we will take all of our alumni back into our adoption center pending they pass a temperament test to be safely admitted back into one of our adoption centers. If you have a Priceless Pet that is no longer a good fit for your home, please fill out the surrender form and someone will be in contact with you within 72 hours.

What if the pet is not mine and I found it?
Legally, we are unable to take stray animals into our adoption centers.  We urge you to hold onto the pet for a (14) day stray hold period, search for the original owners, have the pet scanned for a microchip and notify your local Humane Society.  After (14) days, the pet is legally yours, and you will follow the same steps in obtaining an owner surrender intake appointment.
What if I want to keep my pet but need help?

Our organization aids in assisting the public find resources to help keep their pets or pets they have found, out of the shelter. We have a variety of ways we can help you help your pet, from ad placement resources to low-cost medical options, behavioral resources, help with food, and even advocating on your behalf if needed. We are thrilled to share all of these resources with you so we can all work together to continue our mission of saving one by one until there are none™.

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